Abrasion, Noise & Vibration Mitigation

Our rubber tie plate reduces impact, vibration and abrasion in low-speed applications. 

  • 100% vulcanized rubber 

  • Available in Butyl, EPDM or SBR type rubber.  

  • Custom sizes available 

  • Stock sizes for 5-1/2” rail base and 6” rail base. 

  • Holes included


Our three-piece rail seat system secures rail to slab or plinth systems to reduce noise and vibration. 

  • 100% vulcanized rubber  

  • 5-1/2” or 6” rail base 

  • Custom lengths and hole locations available 

  • Hot-Dip Galvanized A36 Structural steel for long life 

Elastomeric Rail Pads

  • Elastomeric Polyurethane Pads per AREMA Standards

  • Multiple Thickness available up to 2”

  • Standard color: Black (Color options available)

  • Lengths up to 20 feet

  • Custom Holes included (shop drawing required)

  • High Performance Bearing Pad Material

  • Shock Pads

Our founder Nelson Moses came up with this concept in 1937. While the concept is the same, the material has evolved into a highly engineered ROF (randomly-oriented-fiber) rubber, also known as masticated rubber. Our pads are on every class one system in the United States and also in Chicago and New York City Transits. 

  • High Shear Strength prevents pads from “wiggling” out 

  • High Tensile  Strength (1050 psi) provides toughness under speed 

  • 25% max compression set at 70 degrees C 

  • Prevents the tie plate from cutting into the tie, creating longer tie life 

  • Used on bridges and in-line rail 

  • Available in 1/8”, ¼”, ½” or 1”


Fabric-Elastomer Bearing Material

  • Contains 62- 64 layers of Nylon per inch of thickness

  • Cold Temperature Applications

  • Orange or Black

  • Available in 1/8”, ¼”, ½”, ¾”, 1” or custom

  • Inventory Agreements available

  • High Compressive Strength of 10,000psi or higher

  • Great for extremely demanding applications

  • Meets MIL-C-882 military specifications

  • Available in Black or White
  • Meets ASTM D4976 HDPE Sheet Standards

  • Available in all thicknesses

  • Material in Stock

  • In-House CNC Routing/Fabricating for faster turn-around

  • Max 96” parts

  • Max 48” wide parts

  • Standard holes, Square holes or Slotted holes

  • Custom fabrication, made-to-order

  • HDPE Shims

  • Great for Abrasion Resistance on Concrete Ties

Our Canted Shims create a 1:40 or 1:30 slope, which allows for better wheel-rail interface on curves. Reduce wear on your rail with our durable Canted Shim 

  • UHMW or HDPE 
  • Custom sizes available while maintaining 1:40 or 1:30 ratio 
  • Holes pre-drilled 
  • Smooth surface, free of pits or swirls 
  • Affordable alternative to replacing non-canted tie plates 

Our elastomeric Floating Slabs reduce ground-borne vibration in sensitive areas such as hospital zones. 

  • Custom sizes available 

  • In Urethane or 100% vulcanized rubber 

  • Low Compression Set and High Spring Rate


Electrical Isolation

For use in tub systems to contain stray electrical current. 

  • Highly durable, reinforced membrane provides excellent puncture resistance 

  • Available in multiple thicknesses 

  • Seams can be hot-air sealed


  • Third Rail Temporary Covers
  • Made from DuPont Noryl Material
  • Custom Color Available (Gray is standard)
  • For All Size Third Rails including Composite
  • Custom Messaging Available (Warning Messages including Voltage)
  • Proven to work in NYCT, SEPTA, and many other locations

Our TPE Rail Boot system isolates electrical current and reduces vibration on light rail and streetcar systems. 

  • 100% virgin TPE meeting all Exxon and Transit System standards 
  • Supplied on Steel Reels in continuous lengths 
  • Joint Cuffs available 
  • Fits 115RE, 136RE, or 112 Block Rail 
  • Restraining Rail Boot available 
  • Restraining Rail Gap Filler available 
  • We also manufacture steel leveling ties for Rail Boot system 
  • Extremely price-competitive 
  • For Streetcar or Light Rail Projects using Rail Boot
  • Custom Sizes available (C5X9 Standard)
  • Highest Standard Welding of Components
  • Leveling Bolts of 13” or more
  • Urethane Coating Available
  • Galvinization Available
  • Easily Adjustable and Well-Balanced

Rail Seal

Our rubber rail seal design has been in use for over 35 years in more than 150 crossings across the United States and Canada. The Quick-Cam clamp system is the fastest install system on the market. 

  • 100% Vulcanized Rubber 
  • Available in standard or dielectric strength 
  • Inventory for 100RE, 115RE, and 132/136RE sizes 
  • 10-foot lengths for ease of handling 
  • Reduces spalling on poured rail crossings 
  • Great for asphalt or concrete 
  • Extremely competitive pricing

Cam Clamp & Rubber Rail Seal

  • Quick-Tightening Cam Design
  • Tighten from Standing Position
  • Single-Turn Installation
  • Saves Man Hours
  • Clamping Pressure adequate for high traffic crossing
  • Stout Cam design will not cave during paving
  • Used in several Class I and Transit Projects
Our standard Rubber Flangeway Filler strip reduces the risk of injury caused by tripping or getting stuck in the flangeway.
  • Compresses under the weight of rail traffic and rebounds
  • Used in track sidings or areas where speed is 15mph or less (for applications of higher speed, Check out our high-speed flangeway filler system
  • Easily Installed and maintained
  • Available in custom size and color
  • Made from 100% vulcanized EPDM rubber
  • Reduce your liability for lawsuit from personal injury In use since 1978