In 1937, a young Engineer at Goodyear Rubber names Nelson K Moses stood at a train station and had a thought. “Why don’t they use rubber on the railroads?” With that thought, he began a company which specialized in massive track systems that had less vibration due to the use of rubber. With concepts way ahead of his time, such as the Liberty Track 200MPH Track System, the company thrived.  

In 1969, Nelson’s company merged with Railroad Rubber Products of Florida and formed International Track Systems, Inc. The company held over 30 patents after the merger. 

The company made an IPO in the same year and International Track Systems, Inc. became a publicly traded company. In late 1972, the company came off of the exchange and is now privately traded.  

Throughout the 1970s, ITS focused on rubber products for the rail industry and grew consistently year-over-year. In the 1980s, ITS began to diversify into the truck body market as well as the plywood market. This diversification led to further growth throughout the 1990s. 

In the 2000s, ITS continued to penetrate the rail market with existing products, allowing for growth in a steady, consistent manner. 

Now, ITS has positioned itself for a rebirth of innovation. With it’s first patent issued since Nelson Moses, ITS has the potential to grow more rapidly with the acceptance of proprietary products in the railroad market.  It is an exciting time for our company.