Our production capabilities span rubber, plastic, and metal. We can extrude your plastic shape and weld your custom bracket out of steel. We can extrude your aluminum baseplate and mold the rubber onto it. With space to expand, our capabilities will expand with it.  

ITS has the ability to inventory your products for quick turn-around. If inventory isn’t the right solution, we offer a standard lead time of 2-3 weeks, one of the best in the industry. During peak seasons, the lead times may differ. 

We’re a highly specialized company. We know railroads, and we know materials and manufacturing as well. We can talk to you about rail seat abrasion and in the same breath explain why Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene is or is not the best option. We can talk to you about compression set, and still understand that you only need rubber on the field side of a 9-foot crosstie. 

In short, we speak your language and we can’t wait to hear from you. 



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