Idle Reduction Technology

The H90 by ITS is the world’s first hybrid APU for locomotives. No more idling in cold weather. The H90 puts out 110,000 BTU, quickly warming the water in your locomotive engine while consuming approximately 1/16 of a gallon of diesel per hour.

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  • Eliminates idling in yards or shops
  • Works on 110
  • High Efficiency Cast Iron Boiler Warms Locomotive Water quickly
  • Save on Fuel Expenses while benefiting the environment
  • Compact and Seated on Large-Wheeled Cart
  • Motorized Cart Available for easy relocation
  • LCD Screen readout with temperature
  • Bright Orange Color for easy spotting in snow

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  • Lightweight and Durable Honeycomb Core
  • Grit Covering or Patterned Rubber Coating Available
  • 4ft x 8ft Panels, Standard thickness is 0.78”
  • Top and Bottom
  • Rubber Coating reduces noise Rubber is Transportation Grade
  • Custom manufacturing available